Edge Manager: 5-Days Assessment

Sopra Steria France

Sopra Steria’s Edge Manager solution can help you maximize the value of your custom-built IoT solutions by simplifying how you manage, configure, and deploy changes to edge devices and gateways.

This 5-days assessment will help you with benefits and an estimate for automating the management and deployment of Azure IoT Edge Devices.

Target Audience: CxO Level, CIO & IT-manager

Integration: Azure IoT Hub & IoT Edge

Value Proposition:

  • It allows IT/OT managers, without any technical knowledge of Azure deployment, an easy-to-use UI, to treat devices in groups and to deploy new settings, upgrades, and AI & other code modules to devices, and to manage route between modules with "Drag & Link" feature
  • It is automated to phase out the deployment, scale updates across all devices, or even perform A/B testing with groups of devices
  • This seamless integration not only streamlines the operation of custom solutions but also allow for continuous improvement and better results

Key Benefits:

  • Save time and reduce the strong complexity generated by edge components deployment
  • End-to-end support for solution implementation, deployment, and monitoring with KPIs to track progress


  • Solution Discovery (2 days)-Our IoT experts will learn from your team the business objective and the challenges faced and then will study the use case to find an optimal solution that contributes to overall business growth
  • Architecture Design (2 days)-Designing the high-level architecture for the entire solution
  • Deliverables Preparation & Presentation (1 day)-Preparation of a report and presentation to the stakeholders

Outcome: A report containing –

  • The estimated value of Edge Manager (to manage edge devices) and KPI to follow real value after deployment
  • End-to-end roadmap on the implementation of the use case with Edge Manager
  • Budget & the required competencies

Price: The price is fixed for assessment in remote mode. If it takes place in person, travel expenses will be estimated