Application Modernization: 2-Day Assessment

Spikes NV

Application solution assessment to determine cloud readiness of your application infrastructure, over two days. Scope of the assessment is determined during a free presales intake call.

Application solution assessment covering all aspects of bringing your current application infrastructure to the Cloud.

After a (free) presales intake call, the scope of the assessment (#applications) is determined. The assessment consists of 1/2 day whiteboarding/workshop session together with the customer, 1 day reporting prepared by Spikes, and 1/2 day presenting the final results and recommendations towards CxO level within the company.

The Final Report includes:

  1. Executive Summary: A high-level summary of project background and scope, data discovery.
  2. Summary of Current Environment: A summary review of the collected and assessed applications and data
  3. Business case: a business case aligned to the customer’s initial objective, evaluating the benefit, cost, and risks of the proposed solution.
  4. Recommended Next Steps: A customized Migration Plan that addresses scope, time, and cost, including recommendations for a base architecture and landing zone foundation.

The Assessment is delivered as part of the Cloud Adoption Framework, and adheres to Microsoft's best Practices. 3rd party tooling can be used if needed (CAST Highlight).