Digital Assistant for Knowledge workers: 3w POC

Spikes NV

Using our experience in Azure services, business processes and Artificial Intelligence, we will demonstrate the value of the Digital Assistant in a proof of concept.

When the key asset in your company is knowledge, your main concern might be the following: Harvesting, safeguarding and spreading this knowledge within your company. Our knowledge worker assistant is a reference architecture that uses a combination of different Azure components (Azure cognitive search, Cognitive services, Azure functions, Logic apps, azure service bus, …) and non-azure services (Classification engine, Recommendation engine, …) to support your most important assets in their day-to-day tasks.

The knowledge worker assistant reference architecture has following features:

  • Identify information from unstructured knowledge sources like documents, speech and visuals with AI;
  • Proactively shares essential information or suggests interesting content to the knowledge worker;
  • Identifies experts within the organization and creates skill profiles;
  • Connects skill profiles to a RACI matrix to define responsibilities and involvement;
  • Knows your business processes and provides the right information to the right person at the right time;
  • Provides a pluggable service to give insights or assistance to knowledge workers where and when it is needed.

What to expect?

Assess & Discover - Get insights of how the Digital Assistant can help your knowledge workers. - Discover the possibilities of AI in Azure. - Explore opportunities for the proof of concept.

Plan & Decide - Decide on scope for the POC. - Detailed 'As Is'-Analysis: Who are the stakeholders? What is the business process and where can the Knowledge worker assistant provide value. - Map the 'To Be'-Solution with the Reference Architecture. - Business case validation.

Proof of concept - Iterative process in short cycles . - Implementation of the Proof of Concept using the reference architecture. - Provide hands on insight in the capabilities of Azure cognitive services and tailor made AI services. - Guidance for next steps with a customized roadmap.