Data Science & AI Discovery - 3 Day Workshop


Looking to building your company's Data Science and AI capabilities? Have data your team isn't fully leveraging? Need to know where to start?

Ramp up your Data Science and AI capabilities in this 3-day intensive workshop - identify prime opportunities for organizational change and process improvements through Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, powered by Azure. Learn how you can move from Digital Transformation, to Prescriptive Modeling, to full-scale Artificial Intelligence applications built using the latest tools and techniques on the Azure Stack.


Chief Information Officer Technology Organization Members Heads of Applicable Business Units


Day 1

  • Overview of Data Science - Background, Concepts, Definitions and Trends
  • Brainstorming and Topic Selection - Solicit ideas and suggestions from each department
  • Drill Deeper - Write and share summaries of their ideal projects
  • Prioritize which 5 projects will receive further discussion

Day 2

  • Individual Interviews - Interview each business unit owner, along with technical resources and analysts where available, include ROI estimates
  • Narrow to top 3 opportunities
  • Data Quality Assessment - Meet with IT to confirm data availability, completeness, quality, recency and deployability

Day 3

  • Project Presentations - Present 3 projects to full team to solicit feedback
  • Resource Planning and Timelines - Meet with each of the 3 Points of Contact to discuss resource availability and project timelines
  • Finalize and Deliver Proposals for next steps


  • Define areas of your organization that are best suited for Artificial Intelligence solutions
  • Map AI solutions to solve your most impactful challenges
  • Prioritize Artificial Intelligence projects by ROI

"I cannot say enough about how great my experience was working with your team. Extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and support."

  • David Karr, Mayer

"The professionalism, knowledge of your consultants and quality of deliverables were off the charts. We were very impressed by your team and your work!"

  • Taylor Cooper, Clarus Group