GIMM PROCS: 1-wk Assessment

T-Systems International

GIMM PROCS is a production control and traceability system. We offer you a fit-gap analysis of your business needs and show how GIMM PROCS can bring all the potential of the digital transformation.

Boost your shop floor efficiency and unlock the immense potential of the data captured by implementing the T-Systems’ Manufacturing Execution System: GIMM PROCS @ Azure

By using GIMM PROCS MES software, there is a wide range of benefits you can obtain: • Improve quality management and control • Regulatory compliance • Fast and accurate reporting management • Increase visibility and efficiency • Increase asset utilization • Reduce costs • Improved supply chain collaboration.

GIMM PROCS assists operators, validating each process step and ensuring its produced quality. GIMM PROCS communicates with the industrial plant through different devices in the production line, such as PLC’s, robots, barcode readers, printers, computers and mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones. You only need a Microsoft homologated network equipment on your facilities to stablish a VPN to an Azure IP to start using GIMM PROCS.

Deploying GIMM PROCS @ Azure, you benefit from: • Avoiding CapEx on dedicated HW/SW infrastructure • Reducing Time-to-market for productive and test environments • Increasing availability thanks to Azure • Deploying in the most convenient Azure region to reduce latency • Taking advantage of Azure technologies like AI, ML, Cognitive services, etc. to easily develop new solutions for specific neeeds

Through our GIMM PROCS assessment, we offer you the possibility to explain your business needs, and make a fit-gap analysis in order to show how GIMM PROCS can bring you all the potential of the digital transformation. • We are experts in Automotive and Manufacturing, so we can clearly understand your needs • We help you to ask the right questions • We identify GAPs & propose solutions

Through this assessment, we provide you with some takeaways: • Fit-Gap Analysis (AS-IS to TO-BE) • Cost estimation for a GIMM PROCS implementation • Time line for its implementation