Managed Cloud Services for Azure: 10-wk PoC

T-Systems International GmbH

Managed Cloud Services for Azure is an offering by T-Systems which covers consultancy services, managed services (IaaS, PaaS), billing services and operational support.
# Managed Cloud Services for Azure from T-Systems is a fully implemented offering which consists of: * Rapid help and problem solving from the start in dealing with the public cloud * Continual support during operation to ensure high quality of service * Transparency regarding resource use and consumption * Professional cost control * Ensuring that all governance guidelines, including security, are maintained # Telekom Managed Cloud Services for Azure consist of two modules: * MCS Azure – Foundation: Telekom commissions an Azure policy framework agreed with the customer and manages Azure core resources (virtual network, routing, peering, KeyVault, and – if required – additional resources by agreement) for each defined Azure region in all managed subscriptions. The provisioning and instantiation of managed Azure resource groups and cost reporting is included. * MCS Azure – Advanced: This is an extension of the "MCS Azure – Foundation" service. Telekom provides and manages Azure Virtual Machines (VM)/operating system instances (OS). The customer can deploy the specified Azure resources via self-service using the Azure Portal or a customized provisioning API (provisioning based on the ARM templates). "MCS Azure Advanced" is activated for each managed subscription. # Opportunities for Clients: * With Managed Cloud Services for Azure and T-Systems operational excellence we help our clients to: ** Adopt cloud innovations fast and drive better business outcome ** Support IT and business transformation and ** Deliver IT in a new way and profit from better reliability and scalability * T-Systems is one of Microsoft's largest System Integration and Hosting Partners worldwide. We deliver digital business solutions on top of Microsoft Azure and are an one-stop partner to clients on their digital journey. # For further information: