Azure Migration Readiness Assessment: 3-Week Implementation

Team Venti

This Azure Migration Readiness Assessment provides a clear roadmap for a successful migration to Azure, identifying risks, opportunities, and dependencies critical to a successful migration.

If you're considering migrating to Azure, you might face challenges such as uncertainty about the migration process, data loss or downtime risks. With an Azure Migration Readiness Assessment, you can overcome these challenges and get a clear roadmap for a successful migration to Azure.

Our Azure Migration Readiness Assessment will help you gather insights and analyze data of your on-premises workloads, identifying potential risks, opportunities to optimize your current and future environment, and reduce unnecessary expenditures when considering a potential migration to Microsoft Azure. We'll help you identify migration requirements and prerequisites, potential security considerations, provide estimated Azure consumption costs, and map dependencies critical to a successful migration to Azure.

At the conclusion of this engagement, we'll present you with insights that enable your organization to identify investment requirements, mitigate risks, improve security, reduce waste, and generate awareness and expectations when considering a migration to Azure. Once we provide Findings and Recommendations, we'll consult with your organization to identify workloads to be transitioned to Azure. Based on the results of our discussion, we'll provide you with a Define Design plan to be carried out as a separate engagement.

Benefits of this engagement include:

  • Gain granular, real-time visibility into existing workloads, licensing, and estimated cloud consumption costs, and performance
  • Costs and benefits of IaaS and PaaS options
  • TCO analysis with comparison to current on-premises expenses
  • Categorize and align workloads with the right service plans according to priority/cost/performance
  • Reduce costs via the optimization of cloud plans and configuration from Microsoft and CSP partners like 365 Cloud Store (Team Venti’s Microsoft 365 Licensing arm)

Deliverables for this engagement include:

1. Planning

  • Stakeholder Introductions
  • Review your current IT environment and licensing
  • Identify objectives, tasks, and timeline
  • Data Collection Strategy
  • Arrange access to devices in scope

2. Data collection

  • Deploy Inventory Tools
  • Gather Supporting Documents
  • Gather information on process, procedures and actual usage and consumption

3. Data analysis

  • Review and validate all collected data – workload, capacity, and utilization
  • Suitability and Compatibility
  • Provide a detailed inventory of your environment
  • Map to an optimized environment based on your goals
  • Create migration plan and services implementation estimate

4. Final recommendations

  • Executive Summary including TCO study
  • Cost analysis of Current Environment incl., optimized cloud sizing profiles
  • Findings & Recommendations Report

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