Microsoft Azure Security: 5-Week Implementation

Teklink International, Inc.

Let our Cloud Security Experts deploy your Cloud Security Framework to optimize Threat Prevention, provide Resilience, and Compliance. Center for your Microsoft Azure systems.

Microsoft’s Azure Security Center addresses the challenges of rapidly changing workloads and increasingly sophisticated attacks by providing your organization with tools to strengthen security posture, protect against threats, and set up secure hybrid landscape faster.

Key Solution Features:

  • Security Assessment and Recommendations
  • Protect Hybrid cloud workloads
  • Just in Time VM access, Hygiene
  • Adaptive application controls
  • Network Threat detection
  • Compliance against regulatory requirements
  • Deploy and configure on large-scale environments, using policies and automation


  • Security Roles and Access Controls
  • Streamline Security Management
  • Security Center Policies and Recommendations
  • Templates to deploy the policies
  • Periodic Security assessments for controls and threats
  • Ongoing Security Monitoring Alerts with recommendations


To enable the above key solution features, we must configure Azure Security Center Standard version. Our TekLink Cloud Security experts have designed, configured, audited and managed Security for Enterprise clients across various industries.