AVS TCO Assessment

Telstra Limited

Total Cost of Ownership Assessment for Azure VMware Services

The Telstra Purple AVS TCO assessment provides a complete view of your on-premises and Microsoft infrastructure, including licensing status. The assessment provides you a detailed utilisation snapshot, trend analysis, recommended instance sizes, and VMware pricing estimates. This helps you right-size your AVS/Azure deployments and accelerate new workload migration. By providing baseline view of your existing resources, it helps identify where efficiencies can be made. Additionally, the assessment helps optimise licensing of assets once migrated to cloud. This is an important step in the migration process enabling the calculation of before-and-after costs which feed into a business case when planning a cloud migration.


  • Identify over-utilised servers in on-premises environments (remove risk)
  • Identify under-utilised resources in on-premises environments (reduce cost)
  • Identify potential savings by migrating older hardware (cloud vs on-premises refresh)
  • Identify data and applications that are prime for migrating to the cloud.
  • Optimise existing licensing costs
  • License/Subscription Optimization and future licensing agreement planning.
  • Database consolidation, optimized CPU, and edition optimization
  • Identify potential modernisation opportunities.
  • Access to resources and tools