Tietoevry SOC as a service for Microsoft Azure 12-Wk Implementation


The service of implementation and launch of the SOC platform for the AZURE environment

Azure provides several monitoring tools that observe operations and detect anomalies. These tools can detect threats at different levels and report problems. Addressing issues early in the operational lifecycle will improve overall security posture.

Building your own SOC who is monitoring center for your Azure environment is quite a challenge, because ensuring the company's security is something more than an investment in reliable equipment and properly selected software - to analyze hundreds of logs and detect a possible incident, it is necessary to employ qualified specialists. As part of the SOC as a Service, we offer implementation of managed service which is design for Azure Cloud security monitoring , where the client benefits from SOC as Service that manages incidents related to cloud security.


Tietoevry will provide a form for Customer to document detailed information for the initial setup of the Service. Most of the questions will be technical in nature to help determine the layout of Customer network, Hosts on the network, and desired security policies. A portion of the requested data will reflect Customer organization and will include security contacts and escalation paths.

Environment Assessment Using the provided information, Tietoevry will work with Customer to understand the existing Customer environment. During this assessment, Tietoevry may make recommendations to adjust policies on devices or modify the network architecture to enhance security.

Ongoing Management and Support After the Services environment has been established, and during any renewal contract period, Tietoevry will provide SOC a Service - Standard on a 24x7

Organizations of all sizes need defenses and expertise that allow them to monitor for threats day and night. SOC as a Service provides an avenue for organizations to gain an end-to-end detection and response solution designed to account for today’s SOC challenges and at a manageable price point.