UST NoSkript-End to End QE Platform:3-week Assessment

UST Global

NoSkript is a comprehensive end-to-end Quality Engineering platform that accelerates the creation of test assets and scale testing based on business demand.

To address dynamic needs of automation for application hosted in Azure and to encourage strong collaboration between teams (Business, Programmer, Development and QE) and other project stakeholders, multiple development approaches needs to be supported. This solution should address functional as well as non-functional requirements for Azure hosted applications at an enterprise level. Moreover, the automation solution should seamlessly integrate with Azure DevOps plugins to ensure seamless DevOps implementation. UST, to address these dynamic requirements, developed a comprehensive QE platform called NoSkript. Key Benefits •Plug-and play architecture with pre-built integrations with Azure products •Accelerated Azure DevOps implementation through stage-gating and pre-configured workflows and thresholds •360-degree automated Azure hosted application certification through support for multiple testing types •Minimize business risk by leveraging real-time analytics on product quality •Multi-layered quality insights leveraging Microsoft BI for visibility into enterprise quality for CXO's to project stakeholders •Maximize testing and automation investments through reuse across heterogeneous channels •Enhances consumer experience by validating business process across multiple digital channels •Reduces test maintenance efforts by 50% through AI enabled self-healing engine •Earlier identification of application defects by enabling continuous testing on daily/weekly builds •Reduction in script development cost by 30% by improving script development productivity through reuse -Leveraging baseline to measure continuous service improvements

-Fast Tracking the Assessment process

-Providing a comprehensive view of strengths and weakness -People: -Process: - Methodology -Tools -Technology -Domain