Azure Cloud Assurance Service

Waterstons Limited

The changing and complex nature of cloud technologies, Waterston's Azure Assurance Service helps our clients get the most value from their investment in your Azure infrastructure.

Our 2-day Azure Assurance Review is designed with a dual focus on cost optimisation and a high-level review of your cloud governance. We examine your Azure resources to ascertain their suitability for your needs, highlighting potential areas for cost reductions. This includes identifying underused or unused resources and suggesting their elimination to prevent wastage. We evaluate your auto-scaling strategy to ensure you only pay for the resources you require and also assess your data transfer costs, targeting optimisation of cross-region or outbound data transfers where possible. Finally, we assess long-term usage commitments, given that cloud providers often offer attractive discounts for such arrangements, leading to additional long-term savings.

Alongside cost optimisation, we conduct a high-level governance review. This includes an examination of your tagging practices, naming conventions, and role-based access control (RBAC) hierarchy, which are vital for maintaining order and establishing effective controls in your Azure cloud infrastructure.

Our primary aim extends beyond just identifying potential savings. We strive to equip you with a better understanding of your cloud resources, empowering you to exercise enhanced control. This comprehensive review lays the groundwork for potential project work, setting the stage for us to delve into greater detail based on the issues identified during this initial engagement.