Voice Enabled Chatbot: 6 - week Implementation

Xavor Corporation

Enhance and automate your customer support process to boost sales

Artificial Intelligence has become an indispensable tool in modern marketing. Introducing chatbots as the face of your company and the first touchpoint for customers has revolutionized customer support by offering around the clock customer service. The process of development and running of a chatbot is made a lot easier by the Azure Bot Service along with the bespoke implementation by Xavor’s certified AI team.

Xavor leverages AI and NLP capabilities from Azure Cognitive Services to design and build voice enabled chatbots to help customers navigate through your website or online shop and offer personalized recommendations, that have proven to boost sales.

The AI-enabled chatbot leverages the Azure Bot Framework to automate your customer support process. And, the Azure Bot Services equip the system with enterprise-grade security, availability, compliance, and manageability backed by Azure.

Unique Benefits for Your Firm

  • Significant reduction in the time and cost associated with customer handling
  • Higher customer conversion rates, owing to interactive dialogue and proactive recommendations
  • Leverage emotion detection and multilingual abilities of the bot for instant personalization
  • The chatbot can be deployed on multiple platforms
  • Eliminate personnel training costs with self-improving chatbots based on reinforcement learning

Xavor ensures that the chatbot infrastructure is designed to accommodate future extensions in the system seamlessly. Our top tier experts follow a structured implementation program to ensure effectiveness and transparency.