AVS Migration - 4-Weeks Proof of Concept Implementation

Zensa LLC

Zensa’s Azure VMWare Solution migration implementation service offers customers a streamlined approach to seamlessly extend and migrate their VMWare workloads from on-premises environments to Azure.

Zensa recognizes that migrating your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud can be a challenging and time-consuming process. That's why we offer the Azure VMware Solution (AVS) service as a rapid extension and migration option sfor customers seeking to transition or extend their footprint to the cloud.

Our AVS service, delivered by Zensa’s center of excellence, is a VMware validated solution that extends on-premises VMWare workloads to Azure. With AVS, customers can benefit by extending their datacenters and seamlessly tap into a comprehensive set of advanced Azure services, including security, identity, storage, BCDR, Kubernetes, data, analytics, AI and DevOps. All of these services are provisioned, integrated and expertly managed by our technical team, ensuring a smooth and successful extension and or transition to Azure.

Features: Free initial assessment. Assess customer's specific workload requirements and ascertain hybrid connectivity, IaM, storage, compute, management and BCDR requirements. Deploy AVS landing zones within Azure leveraging automation, IaC and related technologies and tools. Establish secure connectivity between the client's on-premises infrastructure and Azure, while integrating AVS with other services within Azure. Perform identity synchronization and or migration to ensure seamless transition of user/apps/machine accounts and associated data. Implement disaster recovery strategies to protect client data and services. Ensure business continuity through resilient failover mechanisms and strategies to operate seamlessly based on predefined SLAs. Modernize applications by leveraging more efficient, scalable and secure services. 

Services: Discovery, Planning, Deployment, Validation and Management. Understand Customer's End Goals. Assess Current On-Prem/DC Environment. Extend/Establish Hybrid Connectivity. Establish Storage Services in Azure. Enable Hybrid Identity and Security Services. Migrate Workloads/VMs. Integrate with other Azure Services.  Monitor and Operate.

Use Cases: Datacenter's Consolidation/Expansion. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (new/burst). Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Application Re-hosting and Modernization.

Zensa’s AVS/Hybrid Solution Process:

AVS/Hybrid Assessment- Planning- Deploy- Configure/Migrate- Monitor and Operate