Azure Cloud Native Design:16-week implementation

Zensa LLC

Zensa’s broad Azure based, Cloud Native design & implementation engagement helps you rapidly deliver impactful business outcomes, drive continuous innovation & improve efficiency across your company

Are you looking to rapidly deliver impactful business outcomes, drive continuous innovation and improve efficiency across your company? Then leveraging Zensa’s broad Azure based, Cloud Native design and implementation engagement is the best option. Leveraging our expertise, customers seeking digital transformations can leverage the cloud effectively to design, build, deploy and govern cloud native solutions on Azure. Zensa has deep Azure and modern architecture driven application development experience by using solutions accelerators and a studio approach with seasoned resources, we can rapidly deliver highly efficient, secure and scalable cloud native solutions. Our approach spans a 16-week implementation engagement process that will deliver a modern, cloud native (MVP) solution, fully built on advanced Azure technologies like AKS, ACS, GitHub, DevOps, App Service, Functions, Gateways that is secure and easy to govern.

Features: • Understanding domain specific requirements, data/database design and microservices based architecture reviews to maximize cost and efficiency. • Collaboratively select target services, language, frameworks to run cloud native solution. • Build Azure DevOps for CI/CD pipelines along with GitHub and SecOps integrations to speed up release cycles, decrease time to market.

Deliverables: • Cloud native application/solution (MVP), fully secure, monitored and running in Azure. • Fully documented modern, cloud native solution architecture. • Code base, design and development process, including automation framework, security framework, and monitoring tool tuning.

Zensa's Process

Strategy/Analysis:  Analysis of business needs and outcomes, with KPIs Identification of MVP features/capabilities Selection of frameworks, language, tools and approach.

Proof of Concept: Quick PoC to test strategy Review outcomes and solicit feedback Incorporate changes and finalize plan.

Pilot/Landing Zones.   Set-up Infrastructure, landing zones with blueprints and accelerators
Build and harder DevOps pipeline

Build/Test:  Agile methodologies and sprints Pipeline Gates/AB Testing Release cadence

Handover:  UAT and stabilize solution Deliver with documentation. Monitor and refine.