SmartSearch: 10-Week Proof-of-Concept

Zuehlke Engineering

SmartSearch: 10-Week Proof-of-Concept & Setup in 1-Week

Equipped with a trained algorithm, Smart Search lets you carry out semantic searches of text files in your azure cloud database in 1-week.

Solution and Benefit

With Smart Search from Zühlke, you can now search through your databases using entire sentences. Our algorithm takes the semantics of your search query into account and provides you with exactly the results you need.


  • Improved search result quality by consideration of semantics within documents and query
  • Automated analysis of documents by means of artificial intelligence.
  • No manual keywording needed.


The solution of Zühlke is based on one central container which contains the analysis algorithm, the data base with the analytics results and the configurable web-front-end for the customer. The document storage is created outside the container but stays within the cloud.

Detailed Breakdown of Work

For the PoC-Project your business stakeholder will work one of our business consultants while your domain specialist works with one of our Data Scientists. The Project will be separated into three chapters which are described below:

  • Kick-Off-Phase (Week 1) o A Vision and Scope Workshop with all stakeholders will take place to evaluate the feasibility of the PoC for your desired use case and to evaluate your existing infrastructure. o The installation of the SmartSearch system will be done by our Zühlke experts. This work contains the installation of the analysis container, the setup of the required database and the data lake as well as the configuration of your individual user interface.

  • Productive Test Phase (Week 2-9) o Within this Phase you use Zühlke SmartSearch within your everyday work to evaluate the beneficials for your business. o Since our model is pretrained, you benefit from our model from the first use.

  • Evaluation Phase (Week 10) o Within a workshop we will summarize your learnings that have been created during the productive test phase.