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Aspera Server On Demand

Aspera, Inc, an IBM company
Transfer files to and from Azure BLOB or Office 365 up to 100x faster than TCP or FTP
Aspera software simplifies and accelerates the movement of data to and from the cloud at rates up to 100’s of times faster than standard TCP-based transfers. Aspera Server On Demand is software running on Azure that enables high-speed upload and download of large files and ldata sets directly into Azure Blob object storage. Using the patented Aspera FASP® high-speed transfer protocol, Azure customers can quickly move data of any size over any distance to Blob at line speed. The unique Direct-to-Cloud capability integrates with the underlying Azure Blob multi-part HTTP interfaces to enable the fastest file uploads and downloads while adding key transfer management features such as pause, resume, and encryption over the wire and at rest. Server On Demand is available as a subscription service, based on the amount of data transferred.