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Enterprise in-memory data grid

Hazelcast Inc.
The Leading Open Source In-Memory Data Grid. Distributed Computing. Simplified.

Easy to work with, high-performance, resilient.

Hazelcast is an open source in-memory data grid written mainly in Java. In this grid, data and computing tasks, along with their backups, are distributed among the nodes of a Hazelcast cluster. It is easy to work with and brings a highly resilient and elastic memory resource to your applications.

Hazelcast is available on Azure Marketplace.

It features:

  • Distributed data structures, computing and queries.
  • Caching implementations including JCache, Hibernate, Spring and Memcached.
  • Integrated web session clustering including Tomcat, Jetty and Filters
  • Native clients for Java, C++, .NET, Node.js, Python and Scala.

Getting Started

You can follow the instructions listed here to deploy Hazelcast on Microsoft Azure. The deployment is achieved through a Hazelcast cluster template with which you can deploy any number of Ubuntu Hazelcast nodes using Hazelcast’s Discovery Plugin for Azure.