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Hive Streaming

Hive Streaming
Hive Streaming provides solutions for video distribution with unsurpassed quality and efficiency
Skype Meeting Broadcast users can benefit from Hive in two ways: use the full Hive video distribution solution for enterprise-wide video delivery and analytics or use Hive Insights for analytics only.

Hive for Skype Meeting Broadcast benefits:

  • Get started quickly - a software-only solution pre-integrated with Skype Meeting Broadcast requires minimal configuration
  • No additional hardware needed – uses existing laptops & desktops to distribute video to all users in the organization
  • Network friendly - up to 99% of video traffic is offloaded from network links, ensuring a great viewer experience & careful use of the network
  • Hive Insights - comprehensive analytics suite provides network and video performance by site, subnet and viewer
  • Silent Testing - safely stage end-to-end webcast rehearsals, enabling you to detect, analyze and troubleshoot the network prior to the broadcast

Hive Insights for Skype Meeting Broadcast benefits:

  • Free, “analytics only”, entry-level plan for Skype Meeting Broadcast
  • Provides useful information about events, including quality of experience, viewer location, viewing time & network traffic
  • No software installation needed
  • NOTE: Hive Insights will not provide any distribution benefits but you may upgrade to a paid Service Plan at any time

UPDATED 2016-12-15