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Hortonworks Sandbox

powered by HDP 2.5 100% open source platform for Hadoop, Spark, Storm, HBase, Kafka, Hive, Ambari


Once you have deployed the Hortonworks Sandbox on Azure, navigate to http://<hostname/ipaddress>:8888 to get started. You can get the DNS name or Ip address information by looking in the Azure portal for the newly created virtual machine and navigating to its network information.

NOTE: If you want to log into the Ambari portal as an admin, you will need to do the following:

1. ssh into the VM by going to http://<hostname/ipaddress>:4200 and log in with the credentials provided during the setup of offering.

2. Once logged in, switch to the root user by executing the command:

sudo su

You will be prompted to enter the password again that you logged in with, hence enter it.


3. As the root user, run the following command:


4. When prompted, enter the password. Ambari server will restart.

5. Then run command

ambari-agent restart

6. You can then go to the http://<hostname/ipaddress>:8888 which displays the splash page and click on the Ambari url. Enter the user "admin" and put the password you set previouly in step 4. You should now be able to log in as an Ambari admin.