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Hyperglance: Dynamic Topology Visualization

Easily understand, monitor & troubleshoot complex IT architectures via an interactive 360° topology
Hyperglance offers a live dynamic 360° topology visualization that automatically aggregates data from multiple platforms to provide an intuitive and integrated view of virtual and physical IT resources, their status, and how they relate to one another. Easily asses how IT resources are architected. Dive into on-demand custom views, rich data and metrics insight. Plus, take immediate actions to troubleshoot on the spot. Understanding, monitoring and managing complex IT architectures is now easier than ever. Highlights
  • Easily understand complex IT architectures with valuable context
  • Diagnose issues at a glance and see what other resources are impacted
  • Analyze data, metrics, and alerts details as needed
  • Troubleshoot on the spot via menu driven actions or directly connecting via SSH, Telnet, RDP or VNC
  • Includes integrations with Microsoft Azure, AWS, OpenStack, VMware vSphere/vCenter, Docker, Kubernetes, SNMP, and Nagios to be up and running in minutes
  • Use the REST API to extend Hyperglance with additional data
  • Accurate topology view always ready for compliance and optimization
Hyperglance makes monitoring and troubleshooting complex IT architectures much easier and more efficient.