ESET Security Management Center for MSP

ESET, spol. s r.o.

ESET Security Management Center for MSP

ESET, spol. s r.o.

Multi-tenant, cloud-based security management for MSPs

MSPs are at the heart of ESET MSP Program and the ecosystem built around it, so ESET Security Management Center (ESMC) has been designed to give each MSP maximum control of their cybersecurity management, with minimum effort.

One console, multiple sites, zero hassle

ESMC’s multi-tenancy functionality allows MSPs to manage multiple customers from a single console, while ensuring clients cannot see each other’s data. The whole range of installers for different customers, user groups, and licenses can be viewed from a single screen, making filtering and sorting easy.

Synchronized billing and security management

As an MSP, you will appreciate the time saved thanks to the automatic synchronization of ESMC with ESET MSP Administrator (our billing console for MSPs). You won’t need to rebuild the customer structure in the console, because ESMC is designed to detect any new licenses, and offers an MSP customer setup wizard that quickly completes product activation and deployment.

So much more than security management

Thanks to its agent-based infrastructure, ESMC does more than just manage ESET products – it can install or uninstall almost any third-party application! Deploy the management agent on systems with different security products, run scripts, execute remote commands, list installed software, patch operating systems, or even obtain the hardware configuration of any target computer.

Automate and customize

Robust automation allows you to define the most common tasks, thus reducing time spent on daily operations. Everything can be compiled in reports for your customers. You can also add your logo to your instance of ESMC, as well as to automatically generated customer reports.

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Technical note: This offer requires an empty or a new resource group to deploy.