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Aggregion Blockchain Node

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Become part of intellectual property licensing and rights governance solution, powered by blockchain

Aggregion operates a blockchain ecosystem enabling major copyright holders to fully control their global end-to-end distribution networks and licensing of digital content (e.g. films, music, games, ebooks, software, etc) through a variety of B2B2C channels: online, mobile, retail, telecom, transport, education, promotion, interactive, consumer products, and many others. Microsoft Azure products enhance the Aggregion blockchain platform. Azure Media Services is used for video streaming and playback, while Azure Machine Learning governs the channeling of digital products through distribution chains.


  • A seamless blockchain ecosystem for management and licensing of any types of digital objects.
  • Ability to connect any type of distribution channels.
  • Comprehensive analytics related to sales performance; Power BI support.
  • Transparent distribution chain from the copyright holder, through any intermediaries, and all the way to end user.
  • A corporate branded platform instance with personalized account management.
  • Ability to integrate any third-party system via REST API.
  • Any third party authorization systems through OAuth (or Microsoft accounts).
  • Reduced license processing costs; improved efficiency.
  • Automation of the distribution process.


To run Mainnet Node, you need to generate AGR key-pair and account. You may do it within AGR Wallet desktop application: NOTE: During account creation you will be given a code for account activation. Please send it to

How to check that the node is running?

To check that your node is running properly enter this code into the terminal:

curl ''

This command should output information about blockchain.
For example: