Archee Robotic Management Center


Archee Robotic Management Center


Platform dedicated for monitoring, and controlling robots within organization

Archee RMC’s smart automation can help you monitor and control every robot within your organization.

Archee Robotic Management Center (Archee RMC), a web-based platform hosted on Microsoft Azure, is designed to give you full control over every robot and its tasks within your organization, regardless of the technology used for the robot’s creation. Robotic process automation (RPA) can be achieved using Archee components, third party solutions, or other tools such as: bots, macros, VBA tools created in house within the client’s organization. There is no limit to the solutions used to create the robots and Archee RMC aims to support them all.

Archee RMC was built to:

  • Control robots (bots) start, schedule, and lifecycle within organization in one place regardless of the technology.
  • Monitor all robots’ activities, their efficiency and return on investment (ROI).
  • Store all RPA related data within organization (including list of all automations, their specification / documentation, and related events such as robots’ logs).

Industries Archee Robots can automate:

  • Finance and accounting: Invoicing, accounting, bank statements and reconciliation, split payment, VAT white list verification, balance inquiries, communication with suppliers and more.
  • HR: Salary calculation, bonuses and holiday allowance, business trip accounting and reimbursement, onboarding, contracts
  • Logistics: Transportation, delivery confirmation
  • IT: System access/role verification (audit), creating and deactivating user accounts
  • Commerce: Pricing updates, creating/updating trade materials

Following robots’ types can be connected to Archee RMC:

  • „Attended” – working as employee’s ‘assistant’. These robots are designed to be launched manually on employees’ workstations.
  • „Unattended” – working as ‘virtual employee’. These robots are designed to be scheduled and launched on dedicated servers (e.g. Virtual Machines).

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