Ataccama ONE Unified Data Management Platform

Ataccama Corporation

Ataccama ONE Unified Data Management Platform

Ataccama Corporation

Understand, validate & improve your data with our modern, modular data quality management platform

Data is your most valuable asset. Enterprises need robust data management practices to realize the value of their data and ensure it is trusted, relevant, and secure to bring the most return with minimal effort.

Recognized as a market leader by major industry analyst organizations, Ataccama ONE delivers seamless sharing of metadata across its Data Governance, Data Quality, and Master Data Management modules to enable advanced automation across hybrid and cloud environments. Start with one module and build on it as your needs evolve.

Decision-makers and technical users alike can quickly understand the state of their data, validate and improve it, and continuously monitor data quality with an AI-powered data fabric. Customers rely on Ataccama ONE for instantly available, high-quality data to drive innovation and deliver measurable outcomes with confidence.

Ataccama is offering its Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management, and Reference Data Management solutions via PaaS deployment on the Azure Marketplace.

Together with Ataccama and Azure, customers receive:

The ideal deployment strategy:

Seamless integration with Azure, deploying single tenant instances, so your data resides in a physically separated data repository

Easy ramp-up to scale quickly:

Ataccama takes care of the infrastructure, monitoring, maintenance, and security, so ramp-up is quick and maintenance is hassle-free

Enterprise-grade data integration:

Ataccama integrates with data sources, including ADSL, Azure SQL, and Synapse, Azure AD for authentication, and Azure Key Vault, with the option to run Ataccama jobs as native pushdown workloads on Azure Databricks.

Most innovative features:

  • Automatic Data Classification
  • Automated Data Quality
  • Access policy documentation
  • All kept up to date

Enterprise clients choose Ataccama because:

  • Powerful unified engine across DQ, MDM, RDM, and Big Data
  • DQ engine build into MDM with no additional cost or integration required
  • Robust technology powered by AI and machine learning
  • Easy-to-use and fast to deploy
  • Native integration with other systems
  • Intuitive collaborative user interface with rich workflow and authoring process
  • Exceptional services and support
  • Quick ROI

Designed for data people:

  • Data Stewards

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Engineers

  • Governance Pros

  • Data Scientist

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