Interactive GUIs, Scenario Management, efficient Pipelines, KPI monitoring, etc. for your Python app

Taipy is composed of 2 independent Python packages:

- Taipy GUI

- Taipy Core

With Taipy GUI, Python developers can rapidly build complete web graphical interfaces for end-user apps. These GUIs are highly interactive, multi-page and very scalable. Taipy GUI goes way beyond the standard widget libraries such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, Bokeh, etc. Taipy integrates seamlessly with most of these libraries and is the fastest library in the market for building production-ready graphical apps.

Taipy Core is a pipeline builder and manager that combines simplicity and amazing power. Taipy Core provides pipelines with Smart Caching, Task parallelization & Task scheduling unique in the Python world. These pipelines also support end-user scenarios: Scenario management is essential for most apps since it enables the end-user to perform what-if analysis.

Taipy can be used in Python scripts or Notebooks (Jupyter, Databricks, etc), it also provides support for big data.

Type of user that benefits from the offer:

- Python developers, from beginner to expert, including data scientists, data engineers and developers by reducing the development time by 10.

- Project Managers, Team Leads and IT Department Heads, Data Science Managers by reducing the gap between the IT and business rules.

Customer needs or pains that the offer addresses:

Over 85% of Python pilots remain at the pilot stage. This unfortunate situation is due to the difficulty of transforming pilots into complete end-user applications.

This effort is:

- Time-consuming,

- Requires additional IT skills

- Ends up as an expensive proposition.

Taipy has all the functions to dramatically remove these stumbling blocks.

Small and Large Organizations can now, thanks to Taipy, develop and successfully deploy great Python applications for their end-users.

Taipy has been designed by veteran data scientists and covers the whole spectrum of applications from data visualization all the way to advanced Analytics/AI apps and even big data environments.