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Plans and Pricing
This table provides the details about the plans and pricing
CsomagLeírás : Augmented Retail offers a State of the art AI Computer Vision SaaS platform, dedicated to store efficiency and frictionless operations.
We quickly give eyes to your shop, which means:
✔️ No more out of stock
✔️ No more waiting lines
✔️ Faster Checkout
✔️ Sales improvement
✔️ Better employee and customer experience

Based on a single cloud computer vision platform, solutions meet concrete business needs. These solutions can be used separately, open by nature, and are autonomous and available in Saas by subscription, API or white label.

Fast turn-key set-up. 

  • 1 month set-up for the entire store

  • Just need the T-Log to start

  • No client intervention required

Scalable and feature-rich platform

  • 24h to learn new product in production. 

  • No action to maintain the solution

  • End-to-end service - Data & Software

Increase store team performance

  • Real-time more KPI visibility

  • No associate down-time

  • Enable multi-tasking

  • Improve store key metrics 

  • Simplify new associate onboarding

Fast ROI

  • No transaction fees 

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Low-tech hardware / high-tech software