Real-time integration between SQL/NoSQL databases

DBS-H Ltd.

Real-time integration between SQL/NoSQL databases

DBS-H Ltd.

CR8 streams SQL data changes in real time to Big Data or Cloud Data Lakes

The process of modernizing your technological estate and the inclusion of Big Data and Cloud technologies can be a long and expensive journey, so it is more important than ever to generate value for change from day 1 to maintain your leadership commitment.

As you deal with older, legacy systems and create new ones throughout your journey, maintaining and managing SQL data silos in parallel with new NoSQL data stores can add a tremendous amount of complexity and pressure on your resources and processes, preventing you from getting the expected and continuous ROI from your technology investment. So, the next question is:

how do I bring SQL silo data and NoSQL data together to maximize my Big Data investment?


CR8 by DBS-H brings all your SQL and NoSQL data together ensuring the continuous data streaming that feeds your technology, processes, and analysis helping you achieve your organization’s goals.

CR8 continuously integrates your SQL and NoSQL data, ensuring data consistency and near real-time flow by checking your SQL data logs every few seconds to identify, transfer and write new and amended data changes in your NoSQL database.  

With CR8, you will maximize the value of your Big data investment without being held back by the data inconsistencies resulting from your legacy systems. This means, “No slow down, No delay, Only relevant data when needed.”

With CR8 you will be able to

  • Make informed and profitable decisions by accessing the latest insights from the most up to date data.
  • Streamline and optimize execution by accelerating processes speed and ensuring continuity with the ongoing data feed.
  • Save operational costs and resources previously spent on system harmonization and data consolidation.

CR8 is agentless, non-intrusive, and real-time. It is a plug and play technology supporting any type of databases and applications.

  • List of supported Sources: Oracle (all versions), MS SQL Server, IBM Db2 (z/OS, LUW, AS/400), PostgreSQL, Sybase, AWS RDS Oracle, and others
  • List of supported Targets: Azure SQL, CosmosDB, Event Hubs, Kafka, MongoDB, Hadoop (Hbase, HDFS, Hive), Elastic, PostgreSQL, Oracle and other SQL, Snowflake, Avro, AWS RDS, Neo4j, Java JMS, AWS S3, Google BigQuery, Google Object Store ,and others


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