EncompaaS Intelligent Information Management


EncompaaS Intelligent Information Management


EncompaaS allows enterprises to harness the value of information with next-gen AI

A global leader in information management, EncompaaS empowers highly regulated enterprises to rapidly mitigate compliance and privacy risks while unlocking the full potential of their data.

The EncompaaS platform uses next-generation AI technologies to find, enrich, and organise structured, unstructured and semi-structured data into a normalised data quality foundation. This enables automated governance at scale, ensuring information is de-risked and prepares the highest quality data to fuel upstream processes.

Headquartered in Sydney with offices in the UK and USA, EncompaaS optimises information on-premises and across multi-cloud environments, and is trusted by Fortune 500 corporations, government departments, and statutory authorities worldwide.

Automatic Compliance
Protect the entire enterprise with centralized policies that automate regulatory obligations and lifecycle management across systems with “always on” safeguards.

With EncompaaS you can manage compliance obligations in-place, across all business systems, to gain visibility of at-risk content across the organization and proactively address emerging risks.
You can welcome regulators and respond in real-time to any investigation or enquiry, knowing your enterprise is protected.

EncompaaS helps enterprises:

· Discover, classify, and manage structured and unstructured data in-place across cloud and on-premises repositories. This provides visibility in real-time and enables the application of retention and disposition policies at scale.

· De-risk assets with governance policies applied proactively to manage privacy and compliance risk, ensuring that relevant laws, regulations, and policies are adhered to automatically.

· Generate a foundation of quality data that can fuel upstream processes, such as generative AI. This allows organisations to accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Copilot, fulfilling its potential to power better business outcomes.

· Unlock knowledge and information value to enable enterprises to take advantage of new business opportunities that drive growth, efficiency, and reduce costs.

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