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Geekbot Workflows | Standups & More - Subscription

Geekbot Ltd

Geekbot’s SaaS version automates standup meetings, retrospectives, surveys, polls & more workflows.

Geekbot for Microsoft Teams is an easy-to-use tool for running either a standup, survey, poll, retro, and other workflows on autopilot. The bot sends notifications in everyone's local time zone while in-built AI monitors team well-being.

That's why over 100 of the world's biggest brands (GitLab, Airbnb, Shopify, and more) use Geekbot to support team operations, freeing their people to focus on the work that matters.

Why use Geekbot?

In-person meetings take too long. They disrupt workflows. And they're difficult to schedule across time zones.

But there's an alternative.

You can replace group chats and video calls by adding Geekbot to Teams. With Geekbot, you enjoy easy, effective, and transparent collaboration, unleashing your team's full potential thanks to:

  • More headspace: Spend less time in meetings and save time on reporting.
  • Peak collaboration: Enjoy easy, effective, and transparent workflows across time zones.
  • Full transparency: Track progress and blockers with team knowledge in one place.
  • Everyone in sync: See who's working on what while focusing on relevant updates.
  • Answers at your fingertips: Ask Geekbot about tasks, projects, or company culture and get the info you need.

Key features

Add Geekbot to Teams to run more productive, entirely asynchronous:
  • Daily standup: run short, sharp workflows with an asynchronous standup bot.
  • Sprint retrospective: set retros on autopilot with a trusty retrospective bot.
  • Survey: gain valuable insights with a flexible survey bot.
  • Poll: see what's working (and what's not) with a survey app designed to fit your team's needs.
  • Check-ins: use the standup tool for recurring meetings like check-ins and follow-ups.
  • Status updates: enjoy timely updates from an ever-reliable scrum meeting bot.
  • Private 1-on-1: keep details private with a retrospective app that's great for 1-on-1s.
  • Team happiness report: keep a check on morale with Geekbot's happiness tracker.

Get started today

Tell our scrum meeting app which questions to ask, let it collect replies, and it'll broadcast reports for everyone to read.
Your dashboard then highlights progress and blockers, surfaces insights for better decision-making, and helps you track engagement, all using AI-driven language analysis.
Join 200,000+ users and use Geekbot to make your workflows faster, more effective, and less disruptive.

Add Geekbot to Teams today.

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