Glance Guided CX

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Glance Guided CX

Glance Networks

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Real human guidance for digital CX: Collaborate with customers right when they need you most.

Glance makes it easy to provide personal, human-to-human customer experience in digital environments.

The world’s largest enterprises trust Glance to empower their customer-facing teams and deliver frictionless, at-the-exact-right-moment customer consultation. Glance fits seamlessly in-brand, in their existing digital properties, and in the CX technologies their employees currently use, combining a breadth of capabilities with enterprise-class security and scale.

Easy for everyone

Representatives initiate human-guided digital engagements with their customers in just one click from any CRM, CCaaS, UCaaS, or custom desktop system. Customers can use any browser or device and don't need to exchange a session key. Enterprises create a consistent customer experience across any channel, business unit, department, CX solution stack, or third-party strategic partner.

Breadth of capabilities

The Glance Guided CX platform leverages existing omnichannel communications to start seamlessly from any interaction, allowing agents and customers to switch easily between:

  • Cobrowse: With nothing to download and install, representatives see what your customers see and assist their navigation in your digital properties.

  • Mobile App Share: Join customers inside your mobile app to guide their actions.

  • Video: Add live video to augment onscreen interactions with powerful, personal, face-to-face collaboration.

  • Mobile Camera Share: Invite customers or colleagues to share their mobile cameras and see what’s in their environment for troubleshooting, advisory services, or issue resolution.

  • Screen Share: Secure screen sharing technology lets representatives see any screen, browser tab, or app on a customer’s computer.

Proven, enterprise-grade security and scale

Glance supports stringent data privacy and security standards such as PII, HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO. Glance is proven to scale without a decrease in quality during business-critical seasons such as holiday shopping, open enrollment, and U.S. tax filing.

Actual business outcomes achieved using Glance
Glance customers have seen business results such as a 20% reduction in AHT, a 10% boost in FCR, an 18pt increase in NPS, a 20% higher CSAT, a 60% reduction in sales cycle times, 40% boost in lead conversation rate, $18M in new revenue from customers, and 97% satisfaction rating.

Top bank in the US delights customers by bringing the human touch to their digital experience

This bank transformed the digital customer experiences from DYI into “do it together,” helping customers complete online transactions such as opening accounts, depositing checks, applying for loans, and more. It leverages the in-brand collaboration capabilities of the Glance Guided CX platform across multiple domains on desktops and mobile devices. One in four of its online banking customers use Glance. Business Benefits: 98% report a feeling of accomplishment; 97% satisfaction rating; increased trust by changing “DIY” to “Do it Together.”

Top health insurance provider increases Medicare enrollments and member satisfaction in digital spaces

This 12.5-million-member health insurance provider enabled direct employees and third-party approved brokers to guide the shopping experience and enrollment process for people new to Medicare. It leverages the Glance Guided CX platform capabilities to bring a personal, human-to-human experience on its websites and member and broker portals to help members navigate this complex, time-sensitive, and often overwhelming process. Business Benefits: Increase CSAT for Medicare Star Ratings, increase online portal adoption, and create operational efficiencies and satisfaction among customers, agents, and brokers.