LTI Mosaic AI

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LTI Mosaic AI

LTI (L&T Infotech)

Catalyst for Enterprise ML & AI Adoption

LTI’s Mosaic AI is a cognitive AI platform, designed to provide its users with an intuitive experience in building, training, deploying and managing AI models at enterprise scale. It brings together the best AI frameworks & templates, to provide a platform where users enjoy a seamless & personalized “Build-to-Run” transition on their AI workflows.

Intelligent Assisted Data Prep

Enhance and accelerate the data preparation by using pre-build functions and an assisted data prep utility.

Collaborative Workbench

Personalized, multi-tenant, containerized notebook environment to collaborate and share models within the team.

Automated Machine Learning

Automated machine learning designed to identify the right-fit algorithms for a business problem.

End-To-End Model Management

Automation of model training, model registry, model packaging, model deployment and runtime setup to abstract the complex operational activities in design-to-deployment journey.

Build Trustworthy and Fair Models

Unlock the AI Blackbox, know the “Why” behind your AI predictions to create a fair and transparent model.

Deliver Insights

Deliver insights to business users by creating and sharing charts, analysis, dashboards or by deploying dashboards like R Shiny, Bokeh, DASH and many more open source visualization frameworks.