Main Street Digital Platform

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Main Street Digital Platform

Meylah Corporation

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Main Street Digital Platform

Survive, revive, and thrive together. Economic recovery starts now. 

You have the power to create a digital economy and community safety net.

It’s no secret that our businesses have suffered financial challenges and are fearful of the future.  Imagine as leaders being able to quickly initiate local economic recovery, help your city’s businesses grow and bring the community together through digital transformation.  Now you can with Meylah’s “Main Street Digital” economic development platform.  Did you know that nearly 70% of small businesses are still disconnected from access to online shopping? And now 90% of all purchases are done virtually.  Here’s how you can help your community pivot and recover now by partnering with us:



1. Stimulate new economic growth quickly and effectively without costly infrastructure

2. Support your local businesses’ profitability by investing in turnkey smart technology

3. Save time, money, and resources using a digital economic development platform

4. Build a prosperous virtual economy that is inclusive of all businesses

5. Connect your businesses and residents through a safe trusted digital shopping experience



1. Generate new revenue growth opportunities with access to e-commerce technologies

2. Build a 60-minute online retail storefront that’s safe, easy, and cost-effective

3. Access to new online customers

4. Connect with other businesses to build a stronger, more connected community

Now, you can create a vibrant, prosperous, and resilient virtual economy for all your local businesses using our “Main Street Digital” economic development platform.  For more information on how to launch your virtual economy today, contact Ram Dutt at