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Microsec Inc.

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OVERVIEW provides agentless, runtime security and compliance that protects cloud data and
cloud-native applications in Azure like no other solution.
One unified cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) for cloud security posture
management (CSPM), cloud workload protection platform (CWPP), data loss prevention (DLP),
and east-west network monitoring with micro-segmentation.

Unprecedented Data Loss Prevention
Microsec goes where no other DLP can go to classify and protect confidential and regulated
data in Azure. How do you protect your data in your Azure cloud-native apps when cloud
security platforms don’t monitor data everywhere in Azure cloud-native environments? Unlike
other cloud-native protection platforms (CNAPP), Microsec protects data-at-rest in blobs,
queues, files, attached volumes, and persistent volumes and protects data-in-motion in east-west
network traffic. Use the built-in Microsec DLP or easily integrate with an enterprise DLP
platform such as Symantec DLP.

Automated Remediations
More than just another visibility tool, Microsec protects your data and applications with
automated remediations. Trigger remediations on-demand with one click on the Microsec
dashboard or automate remediations through Microsec policies. Instantly remove data
exposures, block risky data flow, or isolate compromised workloads and control the blast radius
of an attack through micro-segmentation.

Easy Deployment for 100% Coverage
It only takes a few minutes to deploy Microsec because there is no need to deploy agents.
Microsec will scan your entire Azure cloud and Kubernetes environments for open ports,
vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, malware, and confidential data. It even delivers runtime
network monitoring and the ability to deploy a micro-segmentation policy in runtime with one-

Automated Compliance
Save hundreds of hours of manual work with automated compliance scans and evidence
reports for regulations including CIS 2.0, NIST800-53, NIST800-171, ISO27001, PCI-DSS, CCM4,
HITRUST, and more. Get an automated monthly evidence report for each compliance to provide
to auditors that show you have been monitoring your cloud over time and remediating issues.

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