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SMART Support

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Enhancements, Optimisation, Security and Maintenance for Digital Platforms 

Enhance, optimise, secure and maintain your cloud-based solutions

SMART Support is a Managed Service Support Solution for Microsoft Azure Hosted Government Digital Platforms and fosters transformation from eGovernment to eGovernance. The solution provides Enhancements, Optimisation, Security and Maintenance for Digital Platforms and eServices (SAP and Non-SAP applications) on Microsoft Azure.
The Outcome of the Service is a Modernised ICT Infrastructure with High Availability, ICT Oversight, eGovernance with Skills Development.
SMART Support provides a comprehensive solution to support Government in improving and maintaining the health of your Microsoft Digital Platform Infrastructure and eServices.

Optimise your business:

    • Personalised Support for Requirements
    • Service Delivery Management
    • Proactive Services, with Enhancements, Monitoring, Health Checks and Remediation.
    • Problem Resolution Support
    • Helpdesk
    • 24/7 Support

Your support service of choice

Unlock the limitless capabilities of Microsoft Azure and SMART Support:
    1. Faster Response Time.
    2. Expertise and Experience.
    3. Proactive Monitoring & Issue Fixing.
    4. Cyber Security Support.
    5. Data Compliance Support.
    6. High Availability.
    7. Disaster Recovery.

Drive your business’ security and management forward

    • Predictable & Scalable Spending (OPEX)
    • Speed of service.
    • Enhanced flexibility.
    • Integrated delivery pipeline.

What makes SMART Support unique?

Built using best-in-class Microsoft Azure technology, SMART Support is a customizable, tailored solution that assists your organization to manage your cloud-based environments with innovative enhancement, optimisation and security features that drive cost efficiencies.

SMART Support uses the following Microsoft technology to offer a reliable experience:

    • Microsoft Azure
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • Microsoft 365
    • Microsoft Power Platform
    • SAP and Non-SAP on Azure

How To Get Started?

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