Netgate TNSR vRouter (Edge / Access / VPN)


Netgate TNSR vRouter (Edge / Access / VPN)


For high-speed route-based VPN connections to extend premises to cloud applications and workloads

TNSR® software delivers high-performance, easy to deploy, route-based VPN solutions for cloud and multi-cloud connectivity use cases at a fraction of the cost of other options

Securely Connect to the Cloud

The fastest and easiest way to route encrypted traffic between your premises and your cloud apps and workloads

Route in and around the Cloud

Customizable options to route across your cloud services, regions, and zones, at a flat-rate fee

Protect your Cloud Workloads

Use CLI- and API-based access control list capabilities (ACL Firewall) for an additional layer of network protection


  • Management
  • CLI, REST API, and SNMP gives network personnel the familiar feel of command line configuration and a path to intent-based networking

  • Routing
  • Static routing, BGP, OSPFv2/v3, RIPv2, IPv4/IP6 dual stack, ECMP, Static ARP, BFD, VRF, VFR-Lite, Routed IPSec site-to-site VPN, AES and 3DES encryption, and VRRP

  • Firewall
  • L2 MAC/IP ACLs, L3 ACLS, L4 ACLS scalable to 100,000+ rules, NAT, NAT-T, CG-NAT (MAP-T/MAP-E, BR)

  • Interface / Tunneling
  • 802.1q VLAN, VXLAN, bridging, GRE, SPAN / ERSPAN and memif

  • IPsec Integration
  • TNSR uses strongSwan for IKE v1/v2, enabling IPsec connections to 3rd parties including: Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Sophos, Juniper, Watchguard, Barracuda, CheckPoint, and others

TNSR Open Source Technology

Vector Packet Processing (VPP), Data Plane Developer Kit (DPDK), YANG, RESTCONF, Clixon, Free Range Routing (FRR), Linux / Ubuntu operating system

Live 24x7 Support Included

Get expert answers with 4- or 24-hour SLA TAC tech support via email, portal, or phone (select support plan on Plans + Pricing tab in Azure Marketplace listing for pricing)

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