Teams Direct Routing as a Service -SaaS

New Era Technology

Teams Direct Routing as a Service -SaaS

New Era Technology

Teams Direct Routing as a Service, is a comprehensive, bundled telephony solution enabling MS Voice


Teams Direct Routing as a Service (TDRaaS), is an all in one  solution provided by New Era Technology that

enables Microsoft Teams users to seamlessly place and receive calls, in and outside of their organization,

from any phone in the world.


New Era’s TDRaaS eliminates telecom infrastructure costs and the complexity and management of direct

routing for customers. This fully managed service allows organizations to keep number ownership and maintain

features and functionality while reaping the benefits of converging local and long-distance calling onto a

single platform.


Teams Direct Routing Features

• Zero infrastructure, turnkey solution for setup, steady-state management, and updates

• Preferred and flexible pricing over standard calling plans

• Keep your existing phone numbers alongside any new numbers you need

• Personalized implementation, adoption, training and support

• Leverage dynamic E911 capabilities for Microsoft Teams—helping to meet Kari’s

Law and Ray Baum Act requirements

• Protect your users with fast, reliable call routing to 100% of public safety

• Support for Toll Free and standard telephone numbers 

• Local and international calling

 Can be leverage to integrate existing PBX to Microsoft Services