NICE Trading Recording (NTR-X)


NICE Trading Recording (NTR-X)


The Next Generation of Communication Recording and Compliance Assurance

The Next Generation of Communication Recording and Compliance Assurance

If your firm is one of the tens of thousands of companies using Microsoft Teams (and its embedded collaboration tools for voice, video, chat, and more), you’re likely reaping the benefits of improved productivity, digital transformation, and real-time collaboration.

If you’re a financial services firm with regulated employees, you’re probably aware that under PCI DSS, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, and other trading regulations, all regulated employee communications must be recorded. This holds true for Microsoft Teams voice, video, and chat as well.

NTR-X - the industry’s first Microsoft-certified, Azure-based compliance trade conversation recording platform - is used by the world’s leading banks and investment firms to record and retain trade conversations from Microsoft Teams and other unified communication platforms, as well as turrets, desktop phones, and mobile phones.

Exclusively based in Azure, NTR-X provides one system to record and manage all communications, ensuring seamless recording, archiving, and retention of regulated employee communications, irrespective of where employees are working or the devices/modalities they’re using to communicate.

Unique Features of NTR-X for Microsoft Teams:

Selective Recording

· Selective Recording for Microsoft Teams enables an administrator of NTR-X to create “Record” or “Do Not Record” actions based on custom-defined rules, which are then automatically triggered based on call criteria

Record on Demand

· Record on Demand for Microsoft Teams, built directly into a firm’s Teams client, allows a user to start a recording or stop a recording based on suitability; for example, a group of users configured to be recorded can stop the recording if there is no longer an obligation for capture

Recording Announcement

· Recording Announcement for Microsoft Teams announces when a recording is starting; the announcement is assigned to a specific group of recordable users and becomes part of the recording itself

Beep Tone

· Beep Tone for Microsoft Teams plays a beep in the call at regular intervals to remind participants that it’s a recorded call


· Reconciliation for Microsoft Teams uses the Microsoft graph API to ensure all calls are accurately recorded, with the ability for automatic reporting to compliance officers and industry regulators

Additional Features of NTR-X for Microsoft Teams:


· NTR-X Transcription for Microsoft Teams uses an internally developed AI speech recognition engine to transcribe audio in over 40 different languages with over 90% accuracy regardless of audio quality, speaker accents, dialects, slang, and nonstandard grammatical patterns

Search and Replay

· NTR-X Search and Replay for Microsoft Teams allows users to search for keywords, replay recordings, and download the transcription output for each recorded call

Legal Hold

· Legal Hold for Microsoft Teams ensures that captured interactions that require retention beyond the expected life cycle for litigation purposes are held, protected and available for the duration of any required legal processes

Bulk Download

· Bulk Download for Microsoft Teams ensures that NTR-X can be easily integrated into other workflows and systems from the bank. The download feature enables interactions to continue to be protected, whilst a copy is produced and made available for any third-party system