CloudControl by Objektkultur

Objektkultur Software GmbH

CloudControl by Objektkultur

Objektkultur Software GmbH

Individually configurable cloud monitoring platform CloudControl

General information

The CloudControl application is a WebApp that runs from any popular browser and is hosted on Azure. The user that installs the application for a tenant via the Marketplace is automatically entered as the administrator of the application. The resources to be selected are based on all subscriptions to which the administrator has access.

Configuration of the monitoring

Only the administrator can implement the configurations that can be made within the WebApp (for example, defining the resources and metrics to be monitored). When the application is opened, all resources within every subscription which the administrator has access to are loaded. Initially, all resource groups of the subscriptions are created as categories. The resources are assigned to the category of the same name as defined in Azure. The administrator can select which resources and metrics should be monitored. Additionally, a warning threshold as well as an alarm threshold per metric can be defined. In the last step all configurations are summarized. Finally, a web job takes over the creation of all configurations in the background.

Usage of the dashboard

After the configuration, it may take a few minutes for the first metrics of the resources to be captured and displayed. The dashboard has three levels. The top level displays all configured categories to which resources have been assigned. The second level shows all resource types within the category. The lowest level lists all resources of a resource type within a category. For each resource, the configured metrics are displayed as graphs. For each metric a KPI tile additionally shows whether the first or second threshold value has been exceeded or whether everything is in order. The tiles of all levels show the current status and are updated in the background without having to reload the page. Depending on the defined threshold values and the current metric value, the tiles on all levels light up green, yellow or red. A tile that displays the status of a resource changes to red when a metric is defined as red. It turns yellow when two metrics are yellow. The same applies to all higher levels.

Administration of persons

The administrator of CloudControl can determine who is allowed to see the dashboard. He can add people from the Azure AD in the menu below the dashboard.

Procedure after the deployment

To open the web application, search for the term "CloudControlWeb" in the search bar. Select the first resource shown to get redirected to the overview of the app service. Next, select the URL shown on top of the right column. Now the welcoming page of CloudControl will open.

This application is available in German and English.