Own for ServiceNow


Own for ServiceNow


Improve data resilience and compliance with automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery

Gain peace of mind during changes to your instances

Run on-demand backups before and after significant changes to your instances such as upgrades, migrations, new customizations, and integrations. Compare pre and post-change backups to verify there’s no unexpected data loss or corruption

Ensure regulatory compliance

Tailor retention policies for every instance to keep immutable copies for exactly the right place in time. Retain daily backups for up to 10 years and monthly backups for up to 99 years

Ensure the accuracy of platform data

Analyze historical patterns of changes to items and pinpoint when unwanted loss or corruption may have occurred. Get notified about unusual levels of data changes and deletions

Restore only what’s needed, quickly

Quickly zero in on changed tables, items, and fields using visual tools. Easily identify which changes are unwanted. Accelerate data recovery by choosing specific records and specific fields and initiating restore with the click of a button

Stay audit-ready with searchable archives of historical data

Protect yourself against the risk of unwanted deletion or corruption of vital information. Answer questions about past history using keyword searches across backups, files, and attachments

Use backup data to feed analytics

Export historical backup data to feed analytic data stores. Schedule daily exports to automatically keep data up to date

Protect your growing SaaS footprint with a single solution

Manage backups from additional applications like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 through the same pane of glass

Tap into a comprehensive platform of Own’s data protection solutions that span data security, archiving, and seeding