Red Hat Enterprise Linux with HA add-on

Red Hat Inc

Red Hat Enterprise Linux with HA add-on

Red Hat Inc

Red Hat Enterprise Linux images that have access to the High Availability add-on

Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Pay-As-You-Go Premium Images, entitled to access High Availability add-on repositories.

A full set of versions is available via the Azure CLI.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the intelligent operating system that is the consistent foundation for the enterprise hybrid cloud -- providing the tools needed to deliver services and workloads faster with less effort - backed by tightly integrated, enterprise-grade support from Red Hat and Microsoft.


Use of this Pay-As-You-Go image carries a separate hourly charge that is in addition to Microsoft's Linux VM rates. Total price of the VM consists of the base Linux VM price plus RHEL VM image surcharge. See Red Hat Enterprise Linux pricing for details.

Use of subscription credits with this offer

This offer can be used with Free trial, monthly monetary credits or Enterprise Agreement commitment funds.

Legal Terms

By clicking 'Create': I (a) agree to the legal terms and privacy statement associated with this offering, (b) authorize Microsoft to charge or bill my current payment method for the fees associated with my use of the offering, including applicable taxes, with the same billing frequency as my Azure subscription, until I discontinue use of the offering, and (c) agree that Microsoft may share my contact information and transaction details with Red Hat. Microsoft does not provide rights for third-party products or services. See the Azure Marketplace Terms for additional terms.