Builder Studio

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Builder Studio

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An AI powered platform for building software 6x faster, 70% cheaper for the non tech business user's platform industrializes software development using Lego-like reusable features, an AI (“Natasha”) powered assembly line and a curated network of experts to customize those features. Once completed; it’s Care and Cloud platform (powered on Azure) ensures that your software project never goes out of date and scales as your business does. 

Type of User:
  • Small Businesses

  • Enterprise Line of Business

  • Entrepreneurs

Value Proposition

Designed for non technical business user

Building software is hard with lots of hidden costs. We’ve built a platform that brings pizza-ordering analogy to software. Choose a base, add features and decide how fast it's delivered. Natasha, our AI, will also recommend features and we will make sure your build card has the right mix in it. 

Transparent & Guaranteed Pricing

As you add and remove features, Natasha or a Productologist will tell you pricing, timelines and even recommend features - so you can make a decision and know that there will be no changes to the price after you start.

No Lock in

Unlike other platforms we give you a copy of the code and you are free to go your own path whenever you want. Most of our customers stay with us because they get updates to code and their idea never goes out of date. 

No need for an expert in the middle is a complete end to end platform; you won’t need to hire any consultants or developers to customize for you - everything is on the platform and Natasha will automatically pick the right people to work on your idea to ensure on-time delivery. 

Faster, more cost effective and better quality’s platform uses reusable features and our AI powered assembly line streamlines much of the software production process thereby reducing the amount of human work needed to build software by 75%. 

Single Platform to build, run and scale

Once built, make sure your features never go out of date using Buildercare and everything you need to scale your idea, whether its Cloud Infrastructure on Azure or analytics, is available to you at your fingertips and on a single bill with the best market price. 

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