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Alfabet FastLane

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Pre-configured IT Portfolio and Enterprise Architecture Management SaaS Solution for instant value.

Simplify IT complexity, accelerate innovation and reduce costs with IT portfolio management

Get the IT insights you need to quickly meet business demands while creating a well-run IT portfolio management practice with Alfabet FastLane, a simple, straightforward and ready-to-use, business-focused and architecture-based IT portfolio management solution.

  • Improve your IT operational performance
  • Ensure business continuity and plan your digital transformation
  • Highlight potential problem areas in your IT and understand gaps in your architecture
  • Plan your cloud migration strategy
  • Specify and analyze compliance information
With Alfabet FastLane you can get instantly all the answers you need, strengthen decision making and make IT the business transformation enabler.

Easy to use and delivers value quickly

This SaaS solution requires zero configuration and implementation time nor extra training efforts. A competitive and simple pricing model assures transparency and no risk.
Alfabet FastLane makes complex IT portfolio management easy with a pre-configured environment and analytics at-a-glance. Easy start with pre-defined reports, roles and OOTB profiles.
Manage your complete enterprise architecture in one centralized repository and gain immediate insight with always up-to-date information. A simplified guided data upload via pre-defined Excel templates and automated data transfer via OOTB integrations (such as ARIS, serviceNow, Techopedia and Rest API) support you in capturing and maintaining your portfolio data.

Relate your IT portfolio to business outcomes

Alfabet FastLane is centered on pre-defined business questions reports and their data requirements.  View executive-ready dashboards, analyze and manage your portfolio. Gain instant insights to address the most critical aspects of your IT portfolio:

  • Governance, responsibility and accountability for IT assets
  • Transparency on the as-is landscape, architectural dependencies and vendors
  • Rationalization of landscape, eliminating complexity and technical debt
  • Roadmapping and coordinated IT change actions for transformation success
  • Risk on critical assets reduction and impact evaluation
  • Cloud migration acceleration with cloud assessment, impact analysis and planning
Start small and grow!

Alfabet FastLane is the perfect fit for the essential needs of smaller IT organizations and ITPM starters. Upgrade easily to Alfabet Enterprise Cloud, consistently ranked as a leader by market analysts.

Give it a test run, try Alfabet FastLane for free now!