Cumulocity IoT

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Cumulocity IoT

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Build your IoT Solution on Azure, with an IoT platform consistently ranked as a market leader.

With a lack of industry standards and a fragmented marketplace, it can be a challenge to connect devices. With Cumulocity, you’ll have out of the box connectivity to 100+ devices and support for 300+ protocols. All while being able to connect to 3rd party applications and other IoT platforms.

Software providers too often impose constraints on deployment architecture and infrastructure. You can deploy the solution where it best suits your needs. on-premises, in the Azure cloud, at the edge, regardless of infrastructure using a common API platform.


Quick start

With Cumulocity IoT, you can connect any number of different end devices and sensors in just a few minutes. With features like integrated streaming analytics, preconfigured smart rules and field bus connectivity, you can begin to create complex IIoT solutions quickly and smoothly.


To minimize latency, data traffic and storage volume, Cumulocity IoT Edge processes large data volumes necessary for sophisticated analytics close to the data source. Only data needed for additional analysis is transferred to the cloud. That saves you costs.


Key manufacturing processes require autonomous IoT solutions. With Cumulocity IoT Edge, you can control machinery and production processes in offline mode and during periods of unstable connectivity—reliably and efficiently.


Highly scalable server architectures ensure the right performance for a wide range of applications. You can scale vertical and horizontal IoT solutions easily with Cumulocity IoT Edge thanks to a uniform software architecture (including APIs and an analytics engine) across the cloud, the core and the network’s edge.


Thanks to the solution’s embedded intelligence, you’ll boost productivity and automate the entire server lifecycle—from cradle to grave.


Each server comes with an extensive security layer and is enhanced with Cumulocity’s software-side (carrier grade) security mechanisms, guaranteeing protection of your enterprise and your customers.