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Cumulocity IoT

Software AG

Build your IoT Solution on Azure with an IoT platform consistently ranked as a market leader.

Cumulocity IoT is a market-leading IoT platform from #softwareag that enables businesses to build IoT solutions at a lower cost that can deliver value in as little as 90 days. Cumulocity IoT is an open platform that works with any device, Infrastructure as a Service or network (including Wi-Fi, mobile and LPWAN). Companies can connect and manage any asset and analyze any amount of data automatically and in real time in any public or private cloud, at the edge, or in any hybrid environment.

Core Capabilities

Device connectivity and management

Quickly connect and manage any asset with self-service IoT. With Cumulocity IoT you can connect to everything, run anywhere and integrate with any application. Innovate on the only completely open IoT platform and free your business from the constraints of any one technology stack. With Cumulocity IoT’s device and connectivity management capability you can:

• Connect without coding

• Bulk register devices

• Centralize device management

• Secure many tenants

• Run a stand-alone edge solution

Self-Service Analytics

Act immediately on opportunities to market, sell, improve. Point, click and analyze your data—with Cumulocity IoT, it’s that simple. Business users and operational experts can build deep analytics on their own without writing code or needing support from IT or data scientists. With Cumulocity IoT’s analytics capability you can:

• Analyze and act on IoT data in real time

• Predict and prevent problems

• Make decisions to optimize the production line in real-time

• Access and analyze historical data

• Take intelligence to the edge


Easily integrate the IoT with the core apps that run your business. Integration is key to capitalize on all the data you’re pulling in from IoT-enabled devices everywhere. With Cumulocity IoT, you can easily integrate your IoT application with your enterprise apps, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises. With Cumulocity IoT’s integration capability you can:

• See the whole picture

• Integrate data across the enterprise without coding

• Connect your IoT and business processes

Application enablement

Differentiate your business faster with the IoT. With Cumulocity IoT you can create your differentiating logic and applications. Beat your competition to market with innovations that leverage connected things and deliver your products as a service. Cumulocity IoT’s application enablement capability is rated #1 by analysts and with it you can:

• Innovate faster

• Enrich and customize your solutions quickly

• Share innovations easily

• Bring ground-breaking new offerings to market

Professional services

Help at every step of your IoT journey. Speed up your IoT journey with best practices from

Software AG Professional Services. From getting your IoT project started by proving the value to providing end-to-end support, Software AG offers tailored professional services packages to ensure your IoT initiatives are a success. With Software AG’s IoT professional services you can:

• DISCOVER your business motivation for IoT

• IDEATE your IoT vision from different perspectives

• PROVE the value, build a proof of concept and validate user acceptance

• GENERATE the final business model and roadmap

• IMPLEMENT the IoT project and support with mentoring and monitoring

• EXECUTE long-term support & maintenance up to Managed Services

• IMPROVE & SCALE your IoT solution