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Data Pros Modern Workplace Solutions

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Adoption and Change Management within the Microsoft Cloud

Data Pros is committed to ensuring their customers have access to the latest tools and innovations in the IT space. We believe in a modern approach to security, collaboration, and access to data. Inevitably, this begins a broader discussion around the idea of moving your infrastructure to the cloud. Have you ever considered this move?

We have tailored our packages to precisely meet the needs of our customers. By focusing on cloud computing, data analytics, migrations, and security, our team has created an offer that will guarantee a smooth transition for your organization.

This managed service offer begins with a discovery of your current IT infrastructure to evaluate your risk vectors and current workplace capabilities. For example, does your business:

·         Lack the capacity to streamline data in real time and access it on the go?

·         Have the proper Project management tools in place to optimize workflow and spend?

·         Have security gaps allowing bad actors access to important business IP and customer data?

Our goal is to produce a detailed report on the state of your IT, while also unveiling potential migration road maps, security gaps, and internal best practices for industry compliance.

Once we’ve developed a comprehensive plan of action, we can begin our implementation. Our dedicated team has the capability to manage all your IT needs to ensure your business processes are running smoothly 24/7. With the integration of the latest Microsoft solutions, we can help enable your practice to adopt modern workplace tools, robust project management solutions, and data storage flexibility with the confidence of Microsoft security at your fingertips.

The final step in optimizing your IT capabilities is integrating leading data analytics to help you make more informed decisions. Consider the impact of having telemetry on project completion, resource utilization, and ROI on company projects. We are here to be a resource for your organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.