Secured FTP ( SFTP ) Server for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Tidal Media Inc

Secured FTP ( SFTP ) Server for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Tidal Media Inc

Services provided by SFTP Server let the users transfer and store the data in a safe and secure way.

Secured FTP Server setup on Ubuntu

Secured FTP ( SFTP ) Server for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS appears as an easy to install and fully pre-configured solution for fast and secure file transferring.

This can be achieved by using the Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol, which enables high level of encryption even in insecure networks. Unlike FTP, only one connection is used and the user authentication, commands, output as well as the data files get encrypted and kept safe when they encounter various attacks while being transferred.

Secured FTP Server features:

  • SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) as well as FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) are supported
  • Secure connection is enabled by using SSH private / public keys and by AES 128, AES 256, 3DES, Blowfish methods of encryption
  • Large files transfer is supported
  • SSL/TLS certificates are used for authentication in FTPS
  • Ability to change ports
  • Logging

Stable, secure and elegant, Ubuntu remains the most installed and trusted Linux distributions. The Long Term Support (LTS) ensures that the maximum stability and security updates within several years will be provided.

Among the range of new features in Ubuntu 18.04 there comes the GNOME Shell, which has replaced the well-known Unity. With it, the desktop gets not only slick and visually attractive appearance, but lots of new convenient options.

In the core of Ubuntu 18.04 there is Linux kernel 4.15, which ensures that the Bionic Beaver hardware gets the improved support.

With SSH protocol, the secure data transfer across the network is enabled in SFTP Server by default. Strong encryption for identities, passwords and the data transmitted allow the user to transfer the files safely so that they cannot be attacked and stolen.

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