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Merchandise financial & assortment planning for modern retail

Toolio is a next-generation merchandising platform to help retailers achieve increased topline, gross margin, inventory utilization and customer satisfaction. Toolio’s cloud based software enables users to streamline their merchandising operations and make effective, data driven decisions.

Empower your merchandising team

• React in real-time: monitor progress against plans in a central place; get alerted on the unexpected and stay agile; capture opportunities with confidence

• Work effectively: automate error-prone and manual workflows; create time for strategic decision making; digitize collaboration workflows

• Make data-driven decisions: operationalize historical data in planning processes; enable your team with centralized and reliable data; capture contextual information around decision

Merchandise Financial Planner & Open-to-Buy (OTB)

View, understand and manage your merchandise financial plan in one system.

• Centralized auto-actualizing data: view your single source of truth (always up to date) in the way that you want.

• Automated roll-ups and insights: highlight what is driving the business and roll-up your OTB by category, class or store cluster.

• Scenario playing: create versions of your plan to model opportunities and update the master after the strategy is set. 

Assortment Planner

Develop new product assortments with data-driven insights and visual presentation.

• Streamlined and integrated planning: bring in historical sales data, product images and supplier line sheets to streamline assortment creation and purchase order placement.

• Hindsighting and attribute analysis: use product attributes to understand how current assortment compares to past successes.

• Intuitive and visual interface: combine art and science - pull product images into your plan and roll-up assortments to study your product mix both visually and numerically.

Toolio & Microsoft Integration

Toolio is a cloud-based platform hosted on Azure and fully leverages Microsoft technology to have streamlined and efficient onboarding for retailers using the Microsoft stack. 

• Simplify user management thanks to user authentication and authorization via Azure AD; seamlessly exchange of information (e.g. product, sales, inventory and purchase order) by leveraging Microsoft Dynamics API integration.

• Ability to visualize key merchandising stats, open to buy status and assortment analysis, using a Power BI integration with Toolio’s merchandise financial plan and assortment plan modules.

• Seamless export and import capability from and to Excel, centralized management of buying meetings and retail calendar via Toolio’s Outlook Calendar add-in