Superb DBA (Azure Application)


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Superb DBA (Azure Application)


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Complex tool that aims to monitor and optimize your databases at the highest level

Are you a mid-sized or a large organization struggling with Big Data? You probably try to automate your work but you realized how much time and resources you need to develop a proper solution. Then Superb DBA is your product!

Thanks to the Superb DBA, you will gain quick information regarding the most important databases configuration parameters in your organization, which will facilitate making business decisions, as well as simplify the service process and secure such areas as scalability or system vulnerability monitoring.

Value added

· Automated and possibly wide monitoring, focused on data and system configuration correctness security

· Simplicity and usage intuitiveness

· Advanced management studio, where all scripts and procedures are combined in one application

Smart & Handy Features

· Configure audit frequency - set different frequencies per report and per instance severity

· Ability to scan servers from different domains

· Ability to add exceptions to reports and entries to ignore their warnings

· Send report every month - Share as Excel or CSV file

· Customizable email alerts

· Ability to add comments to nearly every entry

Key benefits

· simple reporting

· attractive data visualizations

· flexibility and access to the entire organization data

What our customers say

“Task you do every day become a habit. It is great that so much can be automated. This tool should be release 10 years ago!” - Matt Ostrich, Database Engineer

“You saved me million years! Thanks!” - Hugo Smith, IT Administrator

Join the group of clients who have trusted us and put their data in good hands.

About summ-it

summ-it® has been on the market since 2011, and the main element of the company’s offer is system integration and professional data management. The company’s leading services include managing Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database systems, as well as building Business Intelligence systems, both in the private infrastructure of their clients and in public, private and hybrid clouds. As of today, summ-it® supports almost 10 000 database systems in Europe, the UK, Asia and the Middle East in a 24/7/365 model. The ISO certification obtained in two areas: 9001 and 27001, is a confirmation of correct execution and effectiveness of processes in the organization.

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