Wobot - Better decision-making through Video Intelligence

Wobot Intelligence Private Limited

Wobot - Better decision-making through Video Intelligence

Wobot Intelligence Private Limited

AI-powered Video Analytics

Turn your video data into meaningful assets! adds intelligence onto your CCTV cameras to generate actionable insights in real time. Go beyond just simple video security, and use video intelligence to improve efficiency, team accountability, safety & security across multiple locations - all from a single dashboard.


  • AI-powered Tasks to optimize best practices within your Industry

  • Live Viewing - Access Live streams of your cameras anytime, anywhere.

  • Training Tool- Simple and accelerated video data collection and documentation for training- both for humans and AI.

  • Reports & Analytics- Robust business intelligence platform to generate reports and instantly compare location performance.

  • Automations- Choose from existing templates of checklists or build your own from our 100+ insights.

  • Event Management- Collaborate while securely sharing videos with whoever needs to see them.

  • Compatible with all Leading Camera Brands.

Industries- offers its solution to a broad spectrum of businesses across the globe. Our solutions help businesses monitor process compliance remotely in organizations such as:

  • Retail
  • QSRs and Drive-thrus
  • Food Processing plants
  • Car Wash
  • Manufacturing
  • + Many More...’s Solution for Retail assists retailers in enhancing customer experience and ensuring business continuity by providing actionable items to improve customer experience.

Productivity Checklist

  • Mobile Usage Detection
  • Employee Unavailable for X Seconds
  • Understaffing Detection
  • + Many More...

Customer Engagement Checklist

  • Merchandising-Heatmap-Align Staff Placement
  • Queue Length Detection
  • Customer Wait Time Exceeded
  • + Many More...’s Solution for Food Services helps restaurants and food-service industries all over the world adhere to prescribed hygiene and safety regulations.

Vehicle Management Checklist

  • Vehicle Wait-time
  • Vehicle Count Every X Seconds
  • Parking Occupancy Detection
  • + Many More...

Personal Hygiene Checklist

  • Gloves Compliance
  • Hairnet Compliance
  • Handwash for 20 Seconds
  • + Many More...’s Solution for Manufacturing helps manufacturing units to keep a check on the health, safety and security of the workers and machines.

Accident Safety Checklist

  • Touching Moving/Running Parts of Machine
  • Person Detection in Unsafe Area
  • Hand Detection Over Rails while using stairs
  • + Many More...

Security Checklist

  • Fire Extinguisher Presence Detection
  • Unauthorized Access to Restricted Area – FR
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • + Many More...