Xage Fabric

Xage Security

Xage Fabric

Xage Security

Identity, access management, and data security for IT/OT operations.

New! Designed for industrial enterprises and operations including utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing, logistics and smart cities, the Xage Security Fabric provides the secure foundation for digital transformation. The Xage Fabric enables identity-based local and remote access management, single sign-on, and dynamic data sharing across multiple locations, multiple parties and from edge-to-cloud.

Xage is the first and only blockchain-protected security solution providing tamperproof, non-intrusive cyber protection and enabling efficient autonomous operations and flexible business innovation.

Xage Security Fabric benefits:

  • Zero-trust control and visibility of individual interactions (within and outside of trust zones) across edge, control center, datacenter, and cloud deployments.

  • Dynamic role-based policies for interactions. Not complex static firewall rules.

  • Remote and local access management for users, apps, machines, and data.

  • Multi-factor authentication deployed as an overlay with no changes to assets.

  • Universal IAM supporting legacy and new devices and apps with Single Sign-On and federation across multiple providers.

  • Dynamic Data Security with data sharing across OT, IT, Cloud, and ecosystem environments with end-to-end granular data authenticity, integrity, privacy, and control.

The Xage Fabric’s integration with Azure makes secure remote and local access across your distributed operations simpler than ever and just a couple of clicks away. Once Xage Fabric nodes and management software are deployed in your Azure environment and Xage enforcement software is deployed within the operational edge, authorized and authenticated users, apps, and machines are able to access individual IT/OT assets and data securely and easily. Xage Fabric connects users and apps to machines and data, protects IT/OT assets, all with a simple easy-to-use single pane of glass interface.